Probate & Estate

Probate documents on a table with a legal book and a gavel

At the McCoy Law Office, we provide experienced estate and probate services to clients and their families. Our team can assist you in a wide range of estate planning matters, including wills, trusts and powers of attorney, and we can help surviving loved ones to go through the sometimes complex probate process.

Estate Planning For Kentucky

Many people do not want to think about what will happen after they are gone, which is understandable. But the sad reality is that those who fail to plan eventually leave their surviving family and loved ones to pick up the pieces after they are gone. Even if you do not have considerable assets, without a will your family will be at the mercy of the state when it comes time to distribute your estate. If you do have assets that you want to give to loved ones, estate planning is a necessity.

Probate Services

Probate can be complicated and confusing. Our firm can help guide you through the probate process and ensure that your interests are protected. No matter how simple or how complex the estate, our firm can assist you in all matters related to probate and estate administration.

Please contact our firm now to learn more about our estate planning and probate services. We are here to help you understand your estate planning options and to make probate go as smoothly as possible.